‘Beat the January blues, baby!’ Giveaway

Who doesn’t hate the continuous onslaught of January? Endless dark mornings and darker evenings really puts a dampener on your day.

Well, best cheer up then!

As this blog is approaching the three month mark – I felt it was time for a bit of a celebration. Something to indulge a lucky reader with during the dark days of winter…

What better than a luxury soya wax candle from the ever fabulous Temple Spa? As you may be aware, I love their products – more of which I am sure may well pop up on this blog.

siesta foreverSiesta Forever candle – heavenly

I can testify to their gorgeous heavenly aromas – they’re permanently dotted around the house. With 50 hours of burn time, you can’t fail to feel refreshed!

In order to be the lucky winner recipient of this gorgeous treat, complete both the following:

leave a comment below stating your dream January chillax activity – how do you love to wind down after a dark, crazy day?

follow this blog, either on FB, Bloglovin or via email subscription (current subscribers need to leave a comment – no additional follows needed)

Closing date: February 28th, 2014

This is not a paid promotion – prize will be delivered direcctly to your home or place of work during the first week of March! Good Luck.

2014 – Create Your Amazing Year!

At first I was, admittedly, skeptical. I mean, really? One book can assist you in realising your dreams…. and over coming your fears? Those of us with an inner entrepreneur would surely benefit from a tome of wisdom, strategic planning and goal setting.

(Please note: ‘goal setting’ feels  a lot like damned hard slog to me – however, I must point out that this was not how this book made it feel.)

Well – it seems there is. Thankfully.

Namely, Leonie Dawson’s ’2014 – Create Your Amazing Year’ work book.

blogpost2014 create

After sitting down with a lovely cup of tea (‘Dry January’, here kids), taking a few hours to take in this miracle worker, I realised I was won over by this ladies’ enthusiasm, if nothing else.

Brutal honesty is needed at times to help you shape up and ship your shizzle out, in the way you want; in order to achieve what you want.

I loved Leonie’s empowering tone, positive non-judgemental encouragement plus her ability to hold ourselves accountable for our positive points. You know, the ones we can be really good of down playing or just ignoring all together.

DSCN0005 Happy, vibrant pages

Initially, I was slightly put off by its presentation, yet once under way, in the swing of things, this only added to its charm. Bright colours are very up lifting, plus seemed to amplify the wonderful positives eschewed by this work book.

DSCN0006 For a happy vibrant you!

I  actually look forward to visiting Leonie’s book to assist me in working towards my goals – there’s nothing like ‘work’ that feels like it’s easily achievable. And kinda fun too. On several occasions I have found myself reaching a goal feeling like the work involved was no where as much as I had envisaged it to be.

For those of us who are longing to empower ourselves, unleash your entrepreneurial talents or start your own business then I can highly recommend this fabulous gem of a book to you.

Invest in you – it’s the safest investment you will ever make.

Check out Leonie here.


I  love to read. Devouring books since my teens, I appreciate how a great book can change your life. For the better – if you let it.

Considering this, I have started the #2014BookClub – I’d LOVE for you to join me. Blogging about the books you love in 2014


Over the last two years, I have found myself reading material that has explored the area of ‘personal growth’. Fight the urge to snigger, there! It is possibly the worst title for a genre, I could ever imagine!

Once I accepted the amount of cringing, gasps of ‘I have done that’ plus the occasional teary moment, I decided that I would be a happier person, if I made some ‘personal changes’. Golly that sounds so pretentious, in many ways, however when something rings so true, you can not ignore it.

In short, several things happened to me:

1. I decided to love myself – by that I do not mean ‘I am soooo fabulous!’ More that I forgave myself, others too, for any and every thing that I still found carried within me. Let it go. Just let it go.

self worth

2. What truly made me happy? Happiness is such an emotive subject – shoes, cars, crap – none of these things fulfil you. Believe me, everything you need is already inside of you. What made me happier, it turns out is being more creative, active and grateful for everything I have in my life. If it’s not here – it will appear, if needed when the time is right. If it doesn’t rock up at any point then it’s not going to fulfil me anyway.


3. Embrace the positive - there’s more than enough negativity in life, no matter where or who you are. Be positive about yourself, others and everything. Stress decreases, arguments disappear and day-to-day life will love you back – in many ways.

4. Relinquish control - if ,like me, you work in a profession where ‘control’, ‘accountability’ and ‘culpability’ are frequent vocab flyers, then relinquishing the control of your private/personal life can be exceptionally liberating. People, situations, and heck, the whole planet, does work to its own schedule at times. Take a back seat to keep the front seat open. It will come – in its own time & manner. Keep an open mind, too – as packaging can vary!


I digress! This  is  was supposed to be the first post in as series, reviewing/exploring books I have read throughout 2014. However, all these fantastic revelations came through a couple of books during 2013. Namely:


So, here we are! Fancy taking part in the #2014BookClub? 

I would love for you to blog about books that you are reading in 2014 – I already have one soon to post about which has made me really open my eyes!

Pop a link into the comments below – or message me using my contact form under the ‘About me’ tab at the top of this web page – to join in with all the fun.

That would be wonderful!

Images from PInterest – I am not that talented!